\\ statement \\

ray ban wayfarers, asos top and mint ring, skirt from the flea market (seen here),
hashmal 15 purse (borrowed), castro statement necklace,
idit vintage sapphire ring, gifted vintage belt, sandals from a random shop

\\ the zig zag girl's \\ very first giveaway! \\

in exactly a week,
on tuesday at 6 pm
i will chose a winner for my very first giveaway
and that winner will win a necklace i designed
all you need to do is
enter the zig zag girl facebook page
in this link
press the "like" button for the page
write on the page's wall
a story about something excited
that happened to you
on tuesday at 6 pm
i will chose the best story
and send the necklace to the winner
ready, set, go!

\\ just another day \\ at the office \\

gifted h&m top, zara skirt, gifted vintage necklace,
asos watch, heels and snake ring, idit vintage gold rings,
lucky no. 2 vintage bracelet, mac lipstick

\\ fantasies about contrasts \\

ebay shades (seen here in a different color) and monet bracelet,
zara top, ruby star boat necklace, lucky no. 2 heart necklace and vintage bracelet,
asos shorts, kisim tote (also seen here),
idit + aldo rings, gifted shoes, earrings made by me

\\ it's my new \\ obsession \\

when i was a little girl, i used to be a bit of a tomboy
but i grew
and i started liking feminine clothes in general
and the color pink in particular
this is my pink wish list

1. 2. 3.

\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\ videos edition \\

* this spectacular video about the development of style in london *
(notice how the guy disappears for a few seconds during the 40's when he goes off to war)

\\ double the fun \\ checkmate \\

 ray ban wayfarers, asos blouse and shorts,
shani bar heels (also seen here and here), mac lipstick, 
gifted bcbg bag (here is one for a lucky buyer on ebay)
lucky no. 2 vintage bracelet, idit vintage gold rings

\\ oh, winter \\ where art thou? \\

asos cropped sweater, earrings and necklace made by me,
mac lipstick, topshop heart skirt (also seen here), idit gold ring,
  urban outfitters animal rings, 
byzantine ring from the flee market (also seen here

\\ the furry fashionista \\

a gifted bow hair clip (used as a doggy bow-tie)

\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

 * this honey bunny hanging on our bathroom door, with a rose in his hand *

\\ denim \\ & \\ diamonds \\

vintage sharon danon shades, h&m tee, 
rhinestones bib from hacarmel market, swarovski earrings,
lucky no. 2 cheap monday jeans, gifted bcbg bag, idit vintage gold rings,
asos watch, gifted vintage belt (also seen herehere and here),

\\ jewel tones \\ they do \\

asos top and mint ring, lucky no. 2 skirt and bracelet, gifted swarovski earrings,
gifted vintage belt (mom) and clutch (just a second), idit vintage gold rings,
the underground vintage choker, zara heels (old), mac viva glam cindy lipstick


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