\\ shady shade shade \\

i'm short sighted, and i like to play dress up
(as you may know by now)
which can only lead to one thing...
i have quite a collection of glasses and sunglasses
glasses (and shades) both frame your face and separate you from the world
which sometimes is great
and other times - not so much
but i like to make the best out of things
so i try to have fun with it
you need shades even more
(here are just a selected few)

\\ the librarian \\ acceptance \\

american apparel blouse, asos knit (seen here) and rings,
guy gil earrings, burberry shades (seen here),
vintage skirt, castro heels 

\\ rock chick \\ they do \\

topshop dress, gifted zara jacket, 
gifted vintage purse, the underground vintage choker (seen here),
vintage belt, zara heels

\\ pick me ups \\

prada baroque-collection shades, h&m knit,
gifted vintage skirt, vintage belt from nyc,
asos choker, french connection heels from asos 

\\ we do \\

it took me a while, but i've finally got around to publishing this post
about 5 months ago, my beloved jesse and i got married

location - david's table, mt. zion, jerusalem
dress - ebay (custom made)
heels - zara (yup!)
flats - massimo dutti
hair decoration - made myself
belt - made myself
jacket - gifted h&m (garden collection)
engagement ring and earrings (borrowed) - idit
hair - asaf tzabary
make up - limor wiezman
photography (official) - liron breier
photography (unofficial) - noelle fontaine
 jesse's shirt, vest and tie - a small shop in south tel aviv
jesse's trousers - castro
jesse's shoes - marko 

\\ hey \\ stud \\

zara silk blouse (borrowed), h&m shades,
vintage escada skirt from just a second
bracelets - vintage and lucky no. 2
gifted vintage belt, zara heels

\\ jump! \\

zara knit, ray ban shades, lillou and sharon skirt,
vintage earrings, belt and gifted bag, 
asos watch, idit rings, topshop flats

\\ the author hat \\

i started writing a series of articles
that are published at dreedtea.com
i'm writing about all sorts & types
of israeli fashion
the first installment was published a couple of weeks ago
and apparently, it already made it to ifb!
how awesome is that??

and here's the article itself:

all copyrights for the image belong to dreed*tea

\\ go \\ tiger \\

vintage ray ban shades, asos dress,
gifted vintage belt, castro statement necklace (seen here),
asos and idit rings
gifted vintage bag, shellys london heels 

\\ geek chic \\ significant moments \\

thatcher's blouse (borrowed), gifted vintage knit,
asos shorts (seen here),  faux diamonds bib (seen here),
ebay shades, razili bag, zara heels


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