\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 12 \\

gifted h&m shades, marilyn my love vintage tee, guy gil necklace,
the underground vintage skirt, shani bar heels

yesterday, after allowing myself to procrastinate for way too long,
i restored the order in my home, and in my closet.
a couple of hours in the kitchen ensured me that i will have energy to do so
(antipasti and pasta)
and then a few hours of nailing, filing, folding and sorting
and so long to the things that didn't make the cut

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 11 \\

just a second floral skirt, flip flops from the market

for three months i had constant madness in my life
i had this irrational  fear that i will never get to the light at the end of the tunnel
and that our lives will always be that hectic and crazy
and all of a sudden, it's 11 pm
and all of a sudden, it's 9 days later
sweet routine
i'm not sure who am i in this routine and out of that madness
but i'm going to find out

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 10 \\

custom made dress from ebay, zara heels

some numbers: 
1 gushy romantic who became my husband
2 pares of shoes (soon i will post a wedding post)
3 hours of hair and make up
11 years since the last time there was a lunar eclipse. it's almost like this one was custom made for us
109 $ - the cost of my dress
130 and a smidge guests
 200000 hugs and kisses to everyone who took place in making our day so magical!

mrs. shalev, for you :)


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