\\ belgian vacation perfection \\ post #2 \\

shirt - castro, jeans - bevy, ears - h&m,
lipstick - satin by mac, flats - repetto

(((wearing an oversized striped tee and my favorite new jeans
with my all-time favorite most comfy flats!
and an animistic twist, but of course!)))

 during our vacation, we saw (and caressed) so many farm animals
i can hardly count!
 alma loved the farm - we are really excited about taking her again
next year, when she's be able to appreciate things more....
but even now - she was laughing and smiling at everything. 
it was absolutely adorable!

\\ belgian vacation perfection \\ post #1 \\

i'm wearing:
denim shirt - zara, pants - castro, flats - repetto,
shades - traction productions, flower brooches - h&m

 alma is wearing:
gifted dress, taflaya headband


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