\\ holy mama!!! \\

photo by luke brossette

the hot, steamy, soon-to-be-mama zohar from the blog little miss sunshine
wrote something yesterday on facebook
that really hit a nerve;
she wrote that someone told her that once women become moms
they should avoid wearing bikini swimsuits because bikinis are too sexy
and once you're a mom (and in some people's mind - once you're married),
you should dress more modestly.
 i think it's safe to say that if you've been reading my blog for more than a post...
you know it will be an understatement to say that 

*** i disagree ***

\\ test shots \\ luke \\ say cheese \

 a couple of weeks ago, i took some professional test shots
it was a really fun experiense
and here are the results

and a song for the occasion:


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