\\ school stuff \\ beginnings \\

today was my last animation class for this semester.
we handed in our final projects for the course.
the topic of the project was supposed to be "my secret"
this is what i made
(unfortunately, i couldn't resist
telling you and the world last week already
so i ruined the surprise.
oh well. maybe next time :) )

\\ never too late \\

dress - asos (seen here), coat - emanuel, boots - steve madden (seen here)
bag - aderet, umbrella and necklace - h&m,

i shot this post a while ago
but i just didn't find the right time
(and the right words)
to post it

\\ it's beans' spillin' time \\

8 weeks, 3 days, 1 shrimp!

well well, what do you know...
we're expecting a baby shrimp!
i'm currently entering the 9th week
and except for a whole lot of nausea
and a whole lot of fatigue
i'm feeling pretty great :)
we're excited and ecstatic and thrilled and scared shipples!
(just like anyone would be!)


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