\\ wild horses \\ they do \\

gifted asos shades (thanks, mom!), roni kantor dress,
vintage necklace from the underground (as seen here), h&m and idit rings,
vintage belt and gold earrings, marilyn-my-love vintage purse, castro sandals

\\ a highly unlikely date \\

i'm wearing:
zara jacket, h&m brooches and rings, keren gross top,
gifted vintage purse, pasha trousers, topshop flats

maya is wearing:
dress from a small store in paris, vest that her grandma knitted by hand,
primark stalkings, couple of boots,
bag from jerusalem, vintage jewelry, dior shades

\\ thezigzaggirl meets theleopardlegs \\

last week i had the pleasure of being interviewed
by the lovely morgane from the blog
we haven't met each other in person
but we are going to correct that wrong soon enough!

morgane published the interview post
and she added this sweet illustration of me
it's the first time anyone has ever illustrated me
and i'm really truly honored :)

\\ her pink shoes \\ his bow-tie \\

i'm wearing: asos dress and claw ring, necklace made by me,
lucky no. 2 bracelets, idit engagement ring,
h&m stones ring, re-gifted vintage clutch,
shelly's heels

jesse's wearing: everything castro-men


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