\\ sale sale sale \\

hello hello!
i can't believe it's been a whole year since my last sale
but i'm finally having a new one!
and this time - it's with my lovely new friends and fellow bloggers,
the sale will be this friday
at my humble abode.
there are going to be piles over piles of amazing clothes
from our own personal wardrobes
that will be waiting for you
to take them to their new homes :)
looking forward to seeing you here!

for more information - click here!


\\ school stuff \\ cavemen style \\

hello everyone
i am finally on my winter break!
so far, i have managed to clean our apartment like a maniac
with the help of my lovely mom (thank you mom, you know what for!)
work at the shop where i work throughout the school year
munch on a lot of unhealthy snacks (that's PMS for ya)
and not vacation or rest too much...
but enough complaining!
the pictures you see here are of my final project
for my illustration course this semester 


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