\\ asbestos awareness week 2014 \\

a few weeks back, 
a sweet woman named heather von st. james approached me
and asked me if i could help raise awareness for a certain cause.

heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma just after her daughter was born. 
she is one of many people infected who
have decided to speak out about their illness.

for those who do not know mesothelioma is a disease
whose only known cause is asbestos.
asbestos is currently still not illegal in the united states
and is still not completely illegal in israel
(for more information, click here)
in a day where we have vaccines for so many
preventable diseases why can't we ban the use of asbestos?

this week is national asbestos week in the united states
please follow this link for more information 
about heather
and about mesothelioma 

thank you, heather, for reaching out to me!

xo everyone...


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