\\ bump style \\ 18 weeks \\

h&m shirt-dress and maternity-leggings, guy gil necklace,
vintage bally sandals, gifted tote from berlin, mac lipstick, laka nail polish

\\ 5 things \\ 90's music \\

it might be the warm weather
that's reminding me that yet another summer is fast approaching
or maybe it's the fact that i'm about to get
to a new stage in my life
but for some reason
i keep reminiscing about the 90's.
that's the decade i grew up in - 
my first memories
my first crush
and many other bittersweet firsts...
so naturally, my current playlist
contains some of my 90's favorites.
here is a taste:

\\ complainie complainer \\

hello everyone
this is one picture from yesterday's test
which according to the ultrasound technician
went great :)

first of all - i think shrimpy has my nose ;)
second of all - we found out the gender!
third of all - we're ecstatic and anxious and excited to meet shrimpy already!!

but now
i'm allowing myself some *complaining time*
(which has no affect on how much i already love shrimpy.
but i'm pregnant. i'm allowed!)
here we go:

\\ bump style \\ 15 weeks \\

pull & bear knit, zara jeans and heels (old),
zara men hat, asos earrings,
vintage ebay shades, mac lipstick

\\ friday morning \\

our friday morning routine...sort of:

the swarlola are enjoying a made bed
(a moment after this picture was taken,
swarley jumped at lola and all hell broke loose)


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