\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 9 \\

bella vintage shorts, rocket dog heels

tel aviv
after two weeks in jerusalem (and the surrounding area)
i missed it so much!
i started the morning off by spooning with jesse and lola
 birthday brunch with my bosses (happy birthday, vanessa!)
and a tour in Neve Zedek, my alltime favorite neighbourhood

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 8 \\

wonder woman vintage dress, vintage zara flats

i forgot about these shoes
probably because there are more comfy shoes on my shelves :)
today i found them hidden behind another pair
and decided to air them out
we went to celebrate our friends' Sheva Brachot
somewhere near jerusalem
this is a post-wedding celebration
i love the concept of "something old, something new..."
so here are mine:
old - i love vintage!
new - jesse and i are celebrating our first anniversary today
borrowed - i'm wearing jesse's sweatshirt because it's chilly. his clothes smell like him. love it!
blue -  it would have been my grandpa's 93 birthday today

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 7 \\

gsus shirt-dress, rocket dog heels

tomorrow, jesse and i will celebrate our first anniversary
tonight we're going on a date
and not just any date:
an almost perfect reenactment of our very first date;
pizza at Agvanya, a stroll along rothchild avenue,
a conversation (and a first kiss) on a bench in Gan Hachashmal
we decided to wear the same clothes we wore then, plus something new for next year
then - the perfect gsus bird shirt dress + the rocket dog heels + my gold boat pendant
and now - vintage belt from kiki + engagement ring + colored stones gold ring + vintage gold bracelet
in this picture you see lola, and the floors of the apartment
a year ago it was just an apartment
now, with jesse, it's a home

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 6 \\

cala shiffon top, nudie jeans, havaianas flip flops

after a whole week on heels
(high and higher)
i returned to the flattest footwear i own
and one of the silliest spendings i've ever made (though i do wear them all the time)
my havaianas flip flops
yesterday we want to a wedding of our friends
we dance like crazy
i'm hurting all over
but it was totally worth it :)

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 5 \\

h&m tulip dress, shani bar heels

my bird shoes
going once, going twice, sold
to the addicted blond in the polka dot skirt
polka dots are another major addiction
this picture was taken on the way to a wedding of our good friends
a white blouse with black dots,
as black skirt with white dots
did i mention i'm addicted?
dot dot dot!

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 4 \\

nudie jeans, shani bar heels

lately i've been wearing these shoes nonstop
they are simply too beautiful and too comfy to stay in the closet
this picture was taken on the way to a meeting at the venue
where we are going to get married in less then three weeks
it's crazy
i'm so very happy
jesse is deffinitely on the list of things that i "love love love!"

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 3 \\

havaianas flip flops

a few months ago, i started working in a documentaries production company
this picture was taken at the office
havaianas...if you ask me, totally overrated
i will never (never say never!) pay for flip flops more than 5$ ever again!
in this picture there are things i love and things i am... learning to love
learning to love: my weird wide feet + my shorter than short toenails
love: my tattoo + my job + my bosses
in fact, i love them so much that jesse decided to propose to me at work!
he coordinated it with them, and came half an hour too early because he couldn't wait
jesse is certainly on the top of the list of things i 
love love love!

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 2 \\

gifted oxford flats

my mom bought me these shoes
i thing she pampered me because one day before
while i was sick and miserable at home
two evil men tried (and nearly succeeded) to break into my apartment
i was super scared (and rightfuly so - the lock was a total loss)
and mom took me under her (fashionable) wing
thank you mom!
this picture was taken in the quiet street under my house
one day after the purchase,
two days after the attempted break in

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 1 \\

i love shoes
my dear jesse will even say that i am addicted to shoes
he is not lying
shoes can always be worn, regardless of weight
shoes are the one item that can make or break a look
you can learn a lot about people, just by looking at their shoes
i also love photography, and cooking, and traveling (inter-city traveling. not much of a hiker)
so here's my attempt of combining all these pashions of mine:
a daily (or, every couple of days) post
a picture of my shoes + anecdotes about my day / anything else that's on my mind
and maybe also outfit pictures, too
we'll see...
well, first pair - my beloved:


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