\\ reflections \\ 13 \\

without realizing it, 2013 is only 20-some hours away from ending.
it's probably been the most exciting, challenging and exhausting year of my life!
i started this year with a baby-shrimp in my belly
i went through a really tough couple of semesters at school
(pregnancy + fulltime school + after-school school projects + work = exhaustion galore)
i moved twice while in my third trimester
(once at week 31, from home to a sublet in tel aviv, because we decided to rennovate our home,
and once at week 38, back home)
and prepared the rennovated apartment for shrimpy
(there's nothing like scrubbing dry paint off the floors with a 9 months belly,
not that being on my hands and knees helped to induce the labor *at all* !)
i then gave birth
and thus began the most complicated and satisfying journey of my life.

\\ my casual boyfriend \\

i'm wearing
cacao knit, gato jeans, zara coat,
x-ray glasses, h&m necklace, castro flats, naveh milo bag

alma is wearing
carter's onesie, zara hat, golf kids socks (as mittens)


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