\\ blogging \\ 101 \\

i wanted to publish an end-of-year post
with the pictures i (and you!) liked the most
from the past year.
as i flipped through my old posts i realized
my last post was number 100!
i can't believe i had posted that many times already...
this is a collection of the best pictures,
capturing the best moments and the best outfits from 2011

\\ post stress syndrome \\ think pink \\

vintage ray ban shades, gifted zara jacket,
 top from a cheap store in tel aviv, gabi elnoam silver ring,
castro statement bib, brooch and jeans,
gifted recycled-cans purse, vintage heels

\\ oh johnny don't leave me! \\

vintage ray ban shades, skirt and top from a cheap shop in tel aviv,
vintage zara jacket, gifted vintage belt, vintage clutch,
necklace made by me, h&m tights, shelly's heels

\\ as per \\ unusual \\

gifted vintage shirt, lillou and sharon skirt,
mac lipstick, vintage purse from nyc,
topshop flats


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