\\ on endings and beginnings \\

hi everyone
i haven't posted much recently
mainly because i've felt stuck

it's been a bit of a struggle for me
maintaining the blog

on the one hand - i love it, i love having something that's only mine
but also yours - the few people who haven't given up on me
and are still checking in
to see what's up

i love having a creative outlet
and also - as you know by now - i love fashion
and i love expressing myself through fashion

but i also feel like i'm on a constant chase
for newer and bigger and better and more up to date
and so the blog became a task, rather than a passion

also - this chase is making me feel uncomfortable
 i'm a student with a limited budget
and even more limited time
i feel like this chase is bringing out this materialistic side of me
when all i'm looking for in my life right now
is something more spiritual and calm

this is not a goodbye
this is just an ending of one thing
and the beginning of another

i don't know when, but i'm sure i will post outfit posts again

but in the meanwhile
i'd rather focus on other things that make me happy
like the pursuit of happiness and fullness and spirituality
(whatever form it will be in)
and also - things that i enjoy doing and don't necessarily mean
that i have to pose for the camera
like design, for instance

so - i want to start
by showing you some of the highlights
of my first year in design school
(i really miss it! just one more month to go)

\\ pin up \\

1st outfit: headpiece - h&m, top - asos,
skirt - castro, heels - diesel, lipstick - mac (in "satin")

2nd outfit: bralette - freya for leia london,
skirt - vintage, lipstick - mac (in "girl about town")

3rd outfit: bralette - freya for leia london,
underwear - freya for leia london, shirt - calvin klein men

4th outfit: top - h&m garden collection,
skirt - castro, lipstick - mac (in "satin")

5th outfit: headpiece - castro + h&m + asos, 
lipstick - mac (in "girl about town")


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