\\ you've got \\ the love \\

sharon danon necklace and earrings, and vintage shades,
marilyn my love vintgae top, h&m skirt, idit vintage gold rings,
mac lipstic, zara kitten heels

\\ ahoy sailor \\

sharon danon earrings and necklaces, and vintage shades,
vintage body and skirt, mac lipstick, idit vintage gold rings, zara heels

\\ ants-spirations \\

last week, i was walking in the street
minding my own business
when all of a sudden i noticed
an act of pure inspiration
i immediately filmed it on my phone
and here it is
i'm breathless

\\ the walk of no shame \\

ray ban wayfarers, castro men shirt,
guy gil necklace,gifted swarovski earrings,
cheap monday jeans bought at lucky no. 2, asos mint ring,
idit gold rings, gifted vintage purse, castro heels

\\ it's not all black and white \\

ray ban wayfarers, marilyn my love top, gifted vintage bicycle brooch,
topshop jeans, shani bar heels, gifted bcbg bag, vintage earrings, asos watch snake ring,
 idit vintage gold rings, lucky no. 2 necklace and bracelet

\\ elephant shmelephant \\

last night i dreamt a spell was cast on me and the people around me
we all became elephants
it was weird trying to do the things i'm used to do daily
as an elephant
but what wasn't weird at all was
that even though i was a 6,000 kg elephant
when i saw a cockroach
i still squeaked like a little girl

(and of course i had to put a picture of a pink elephant)

\\ sale sale sale!!!! \\

next friday my best friend and i are having a huge sale

lot's of clothes, accesories. shoes, brands, designers, vintage
lambrusco, music, fun!
everyone's invited!
to the facebook event

\\ the dog days \\

topshop dress, zara heels, castro earrings (old),
beacon's closet purse (also seen here),
idit gold rings (the peacock ring belongs to my best friend)

\\ ... dot dot dot ... \\

ray ban wayfarers, castro earrings (old) and heels,
gifted vintage silk top, asos beaded collar (now on sale!), watch and snake ring,
h&m tulip skirt (also seen here), bcbg bag, idit vintage gold rings, 
lucky number 2 vintage bracelet, byzantine ring from the flea market

\\ audrey \\ 2011 \\

shades from ebay, topshop top and jeans, vintage purse from nyc,
gifted vintage belt, massimo dutti flats, earrings made by me,
mac lipstick, urban outfitters+castro+flea market rings

\\ shop-shoo-bop! \\

these are some pictures of my closet
they were taken a few months ago
since then, i took about half of the clothes and shoes out
and i'm about to sell them
either because they're too big (yay!)
or because i don't wear them so much

\\ ch-ch-ch-changes...! \\

this change has been long over due 

\\ hello \\ goodbye \\

ray ban wayfarers, gifted earrings, american apparel top,
shelly dahari necklace from lucky number 2, flea market bronze ring,
asos golden rings and watch, topshop pants,
gifted zara bag, bluemarine heels

\\ summer fleas \\ a summer breeze \\

hat, skirt and rings from the flea market, asos top and watch,
shades from ebay, gifted vintage belt, gifted bcbg bag, shani bar heels


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