\\ bump style \\ 37 weeks part 3 \\ maternity shoot \\

i'm wearing:
top - fix, leggings - zara, origami necklace - shlomit ofir,
ring and pendant necklace - vintage

jesse is wearing (first outfit) :
shirt - castro men, shorts - castro men

(second outfit) :
tee - t-market, shorts - castro men

\\ bump style \\ 37 weeks part 2 \\ maternity shoot \\

i'm wearing (first outfit):
vintage ray ban shades, borrowed vintage gotex dress,
shlomit ofir necklace (seen here), naveh milo bag (seen here), 
shani bar heels

(second outfit):
zara shirt, avishag arbel jeans, gifted necklace from paris
vintage gold pendant necklace, vintage ring

jesse is wearing:
castro men shirt and shorts, sketchers sneakers,
h&m hat, castro shades, borrowed vintage bow-tie

\\ alma's birth story \\

2 weeks ago, on august 25th, at 4:09 pm, my precious alma was born.
that was for sure the most surreal experience of my life.
it was such a powerful experience.
i couldn't wait to share it with you.
so here we go...
(prepare yourself, this post is going to be long...)


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