\\ bump style \\ 35 weeks \\

hat - h&m men (old), shades - ray ban, 
jeans - c/o avishag arbel, flip flops - havaianas,
origami necklace - shlomit ofir, animal rings - h&m, bag - naveh milo

yesterday, my love and i went to the yafo flea market
to look for kitchen chairs and lamps;
we are renovating our apartment before shrimpy comes!
(well, hopefully we'll finish before she arrives,
but even if not - it'll still be worth it, big time!)
in the meanwhile, while the renovations take place,
we moved to a cute apartment in a neighborhood called florentine in tel aviv
and i absolutely love living in this neighborhood!
(well, i love everything, except for the more-than-occasional cockroach encounters)

magnetic-lips kissing dolls! too cute!!

anyhow, back to the flea market!
we may have found a few cool and colorful retro chairs
to go with our renewed and colorful apartment.
they're a bit more expensive than we planned
but there's a good chance we'll still buy them...
(an apartment update will be posted once the place is done)

in the meanwhile - i'll introduce you to one of the most colorful
happy, and lovely shops in the flea market - sofi designs
which has the most amazing collection of nicknacks and furniture.
every time i go to the flea market,
i like to visit this store
and i'm pretty sure you'll see some of the items
in our home, once the renovations are over
and we can get to the real fun part - decorating the place!

note to self ; must get a sheep lamp for shrimpy's room!

about me and my outfit...
i'm in my third and final trimester
and i must say - choosing to have a baby
in the middle of the israeli summer
was definitely not a well thought out plan :)
it is SO hot and muggy
which is making it really hard for me
but i'm braving through it
thanks to the gods of the air-conditioners!

we don't have where to put this, but i really really want it!

my uniforms for this summer are either
a t-shirt \ tank top \ light and loose chiffon top and light jeans
(i got two pairs of jeans courtesy of avishag arbel - thank you avishag!)
or airy maternity dresses.
and as far as shoes go - 
when we moved to the temporary apartment,
i only packed 4 pairs of shoes:
(can you believe it?! i sure can't!)
sneakers for when i go on power walks 
(it happened exactly the once. i suck at this whole workout routine)
flat sandals (seen here)
my favorite low heals (seen here, and in many many more posts)
and last but definitely not least - my havaianas flip flops
which i wear all the time. to any place and event (well, almost)
please don't shoot me, it's just that they're the only ones
that i really, truly still fit in
and are comfy
and...i'm pregnant and hormonal, so just let it be.... :)

also, i have to say
it's really weird for me
to wear just jeans and a t-shirt!
i always say it's just too simple for me and i feel mundane in this combo
(although there are women who look amazing
and the furthest from mundane when wearing J&T!
i just never felt like i'm one of them...)
but i guess, when you have the second best accessory
(a baby bump! which is the runner up after the jesse and \ or the swarley)
pulling it off is much easier than usual...

and cool jewels make it easier, too!

have a happy tuesday!

** p.s - this post is dedicated to E, my bff,
who deserves a big hug (or a hundred)

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Lace and Chiffon - Fashion blog - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

כמה כיף סוף סוף לראות תמונות עדכניות שלך!
את פשוט מהממת!
כל כך יפה!
הלוואי וכל הנשים בהריון יראו כמוך...

מתה עליך,


Michal (Skeletons Out of Closet) אמר/ה...

את הריונית כזו מהממת! (גם כשאת לא בהריון...)
אני איתך בעניין סוס הנדנדה, הוא מהמם.

*Maja* אמר/ה...

את נראית מקסים גם בג'ינס וטי. וזה רשמי. געגועים עזים וכמיהה לפגישתנו

ובנימה אחרת, איך עוד לא נרשמת לGIVEAWAY ???

LookinFab אמר/ה...

את נראית נהדר ואוטוטו זה נגמר!!!

התכשיטים שלך מקסימים!

lee אמר/ה...

sis you look amazing!!! love and miss you :)

אנונימי אמר/ה...

Hi, your bird/swan necklace is so cute! may I ask where did you get it from. thanks!


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