\\ double the fun \\ checkmate \\

 ray ban wayfarers, asos blouse and shorts,
shani bar heels (also seen here and here), mac lipstick, 
gifted bcbg bag (here is one for a lucky buyer on ebay)
lucky no. 2 vintage bracelet, idit vintage gold rings

i really can't wait for winter to arrive already
(i'm willing to settle for autumn)
so i went for the classic black & white combination
with 2 twists:
the double peter pan collar
(and the black buttons on the white blouse)
and the scalloped hem


for a pop of color
i put on my favorite mac girl-about-town lipstick
works like a charm every time

happy birthday to my beloved ficus tree


4 תגובות:

FicusTree אמר/ה...

Darling, you are beautiful as always!
Thank you for the dedication, and for your friendship! :-*

photo.fashion.passion - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

אווטפיט מוצלח וחולצה הורסת!

ניבה אמר/ה...

סחתיין על ההופעה במאקו!

lillou אמר/ה...

thanks girls :) it's so much fun reading comments like these...!


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