\\ oh, winter \\ where art thou? \\

asos cropped sweater, earrings and necklace made by me,
mac lipstick, topshop heart skirt (also seen here), idit gold ring,
  urban outfitters animal rings, 
byzantine ring from the flee market (also seen here

as i mentioned in the previous post, i'm working from home today
i wanted to publish a new post
but it didn't feel like going out to shoot it
it's sooo hot out
and just yesterday we had 3 ac systems installed
so i thought it was about time i'll shoot in our home
and there was a plus:
thanks to the ac, i could finally wear something longer and thicker
and dream it's a few months from today...
i can't wait for winter to start
i miss the cold, i miss thunder storms
wearing layers and stockings
cuddling up under a thick blanket with some tea
 the smell of rain...

we recently bought a shaggy rug
so that at least a little part of the floor will be welcoming
and we could lay on it and play
with swarley and lola
in the winter, too

i only now noticed that swarley's new bow-tie
matches my outfit perfectly


goofing around with her is so much fun
i can't believe we've only had her for such a short time
just three months?! it feels like she's been a part of our family since always

lola is such a sweet (and occasionally nudnik) cat
she is so fat and soft 
(and did i mention fat? and soft??)
waking up to her morning purrs is the best 


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