\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 1 \\

i love shoes
my dear jesse will even say that i am addicted to shoes
he is not lying
shoes can always be worn, regardless of weight
shoes are the one item that can make or break a look
you can learn a lot about people, just by looking at their shoes
i also love photography, and cooking, and traveling (inter-city traveling. not much of a hiker)
so here's my attempt of combining all these pashions of mine:
a daily (or, every couple of days) post
a picture of my shoes + anecdotes about my day / anything else that's on my mind
and maybe also outfit pictures, too
we'll see...
well, first pair - my beloved:

shani bar bird heels, nudie jeans

a beautiful, comfy work of art
i never stop getting compliments when wearing them
this picture was taken at my old job, at the cool edit editing studios
this picture was in my portfilio, on my entrance examinations
for shenkar and bezalel arts and design academies
i am happy to say i got accepted to both!

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