\\ it's not all black and white \\

ray ban wayfarers, marilyn my love top, gifted vintage bicycle brooch,
topshop jeans, shani bar heels, gifted bcbg bag, vintage earrings, asos watch snake ring,
 idit vintage gold rings, lucky no. 2 necklace and bracelet

i miss winter
it actually rained (well, more like drizzled) in tel aviv two days ago
i was so happy
it was swarley's first time
she was happy too

these photos were taken in a small park near my workplace
swarley met a new friend
(or foe? look at her expression in the next pic!)

well, she calmed down once he left 

the only spots of colour in my outfit today
are the red beaks on my heels
and the nail polish 

(and of course all the bling)

speaking of colour
yesterday there was some party or concert in that park
i heard the rehearsals at noon

today all that was left was the confetti
it mixed in pretty well with the grass
it's weird how yesterday's decorations
are today's trash

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