\\ anniversary \\ last first date \\

jesse and i are celebrating our 3 years anniversary.
three years ago today
we went on our very last first date
which lasted from 7pm
to 5am
and was *the* best date i ever went on!

it was i who asked him out
he thought i meant - "let's hang out as friends"
but i set the record straight immediately... :)

for about 3 hours of our date,
i was sure jesse is "shomer negiah"
(which meant that when we were riding the bus
and the driver pulled the breaks just before arriving to our stop,
i was scared to grab him in order to keep me from falling.
so i ever-so-gracefully "ran" across the bus
in my heels)
we then had pizza at agvanya
(the only kosher place i could think about at the time)
and took a long walk across about half of tel aviv.
about 3 hours into our date
as we were sitting in a park, talking
jesse noticed i was shivering
and he put his arm around me.
** wait, what?! wasn't he shomer negiah?!?!! **
so naturally, i told him this:
"i have a theoretical, hypothetical, technical kinda question..."
"can i kiss you?"

i love that this is our story!!
and the three years since
have been the best years of my life!

my shmoves
thank you, thank you, thank you!

here are a few of my favorite pictures of us:

jesse came home a couple of days early
from his reserves duty.
best surprise ever!

our favorite kinda fight :)

one of our very first pictures together

being silly is what we do best...

on our semi-honeymoon

becoming man and wife
(another anniversary is quickly approaching!)

i hope each and every one of you
will find this kind of love!



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