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summer is here
and i'm done with school for the year!
i want to show you guys
some of my projects from this semester...

i'll start with this project:
(all five illustrations)
it was the final project for the "illustration and text" course.
we had to illustrate 5 autobiographic book covers.
the teacher told us what the book titles were in advance.
for all of the non-hebrew-speakers, here are the titles:
1. a childhood that has come and gone (yellow)
2. where is my youth? (green)
3. love has many aspects (pink)
4. the fountain of creation (blue)
5. where to go next? (red)

for over a month, i was struggling,
trying to find a concept that would really represent me.
i got a bit stuck there, for a while...
and after a very emotional conversation with jesse
("i can't do this! i'm broke, out of ideas! i want to quit NOW!!!")
he suggested i would do it about clothes.
how did i not think about this before?!??

so in 3 days (and sleepless nights)
i created this project.
it's not perfect, and i can think of a few things
i would have done differently,
had i had more time
but i'm really proud of it!

more projects will be posted soon :)
have a restful weekend!



*Maja* אמר/ה...

וואוו הפרויקט יצא מקסים!

היה תענוג וקצר..עד הפעם הבאה

נגה אמר/ה...

מקסים מקסים מקסים!!
שמתי לב לקונספט עוד לפני שכתבת.



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