\\ TMI tag \\

so...i've been tagged in a TMI-TAG post by the gorgeous luba.
to be totally honest, i sort of wanted to be tagged - 
i really like questionnaire, and i also had a feeling luba might tag me,
but i had no idea she will list me as her crush! yay me!!
(note question 37 in her post)
anyhow, enough about that...
here we go!

\\ urban brides \\ spring party \\ perfection! \\

just getting you in the mood...
last friday i went to urban brides magazine's spring party
which took place at lauren's gallery in yafo.
i went with my friend lahav (whom you might remember from here and here),
who is one of jesse's oldest friends
and is one colourful and fun person.
we always have fun together, and i knew we would enjoy this event...
little did we know the first thing that would happen after we arrived,
(well, second. the first was getting two glasses of cold lambrusco. nom!)
one of the owners of the gallery decided we were a couple,
and we decided to go with the flow :)
so we sort of planned our very stylish gay wedding... ;)

there were so many lovely and sweet stands of service suppliers for weddings
of all kinds, and even though my wedding was really small and simple,
this event made me want to have another wedding - 
and go all out with the decorations and the knickknacks...
(i'm sort of addicted to greenweddingshoes, and i wouldn't at all mind renewing our vows
in a couple of years in a ceremony that looks like it's taken from this blog)

most of the crowd at the party was girls;
friends came in two's or more, but here and there were a few couples...
the men had the same "but WHY???" expression, which we found kind of hilarious.
but then again. there was good music, snacks, and drinks. even the manliest men couldn't complain...

and as for us girls? we had the best time!
trying on colourful jewellery, getting balloon fascinators,
taking silly pictures and just enjoying a friday morning
being engaged to each other ;)


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