\\ to my two best candies \\

vintage ray ban shades, twentyfourseven blouse,
castro necklace, castro jeans, asos watch,
bcbg bag, gifted flats

\\ if i were a rich girl \\

cala dress, zara jacket, castro brooch, necklace made by me,
vintage ray ban shades, gifted vintage belt and purse,
h&m cuffs, asos double rings, aldo heels

\\ well, it's about time \\

gifted vintage ray ban shades, keren gross top,
comme il faut cardigan, h&m flower brooches,
topshop jeans and flats, gifted vintage belt, asos watch

\\ the zig zag girl sale \\

sorry for being such a bad blogger
i've been saying this for a while;
school took up all of my time

but now i'm on winter vacation
and i actually have time
to do shoots
and upload posts

but first
an invitation:
i'm having a sale next weekend
starting thursday and ending saturday
and i'd love to see you there!

there will be a lot of clothes
(both for men and women)
from my own wardrobe (and jesse's, too)
accessories, shoes
household affects
and many surprises
most items would cost 200 nis or less

see you there



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