\\ still waiting... \\ and a teaser, too! \\

here are just a few ironic things
about being pregnant:

* that urgent feeling of having to pee,
like your life is depending in it -
only to realize you only peed 2.5 drops

\\ counting down the minutes \\

the moment of truth - screen shot from the movie "waitress"
one of the sweetest movies ever!
if you haven't watched it yet - do yourselves a favor and watch it today

9th month, we meet at last!
after 35 long weeks,
the end (or rather - the beginning) is actually something
that i can visualize.
in just a few short weeks (or days, if shrimpy decides to come early)
this pregnancy will be over
and parenthood will begin
(i'm shaking....)

i've never been the most patient person
and so, the closer we are to the end
the more impatient i'm getting
and the more impatient i'm getting,
the longer the "list of things i want need to do" is growing.
here it is:

\\ school stuff \\ last project for this year \\

summer is here
and i'm done with school for the year!
i want to show you guys
some of my projects from this semester...

\\ bump style \\ 35 weeks \\

hat - h&m men (old), shades - ray ban, 
jeans - c/o avishag arbel, flip flops - havaianas,
origami necklace - shlomit ofir, animal rings - h&m, bag - naveh milo


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