\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

* silly autocorrection (that happen to other people)*

\\ grr, baby, yeah \\

ray ban wayfarers, the underground vintage necklace,
asos top, snake ring, watch and heels, castro red-stoned ring,
urban outfitters fox and owl rings, lucky number 2 skirt, bcbg bag

\\ take it for a spin \\

asos+h&m+castro hair decoration, ray ban wayfarers,
asos top, rings, watch and shoes, gifted vintage belt,
gifted h&m skirt, mac lipstick, marilyn my love clutch

\\ phoenix \\

vintage ray ban wayfarers, asos top, watch, snake ring and green ring,
urban outfitters animal rings, gifted vintage belt and purse,
gifted club monaco skirt, mac lipstick, castro heels

\\ online love \\

vintage ray ban wayfarers, asos tie-up shirtwatchsnake ring and sandals,
vintage pencil skirt, lucky number 2 necklace and vintage bracelet,
vintage rings from idit, gifted bcbg max azria bag

\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

i've been sick all week long
i really needed something to cheer me up
i found five (and so many more)

*flowery patterns on everything!*

\\ animal instinct \\

gifted bird gold earrings, vintage bella-vintage silk blouse,
vintage shorts,mac viva glam cindy lustre lipstic, gifted vintage snake belt,
vintage lucky number 2 golden bracelet,

\\ the silly cards section \\

this time - the silly people selection

\\ summer lovin' \\

i just took my dog for a walk
it's shmoiling outside
i needed to remind myself
why i'm not moving to the north pole
here are a few reasons

\\ in the market \\

i love the carmel market in tel aviv
even though it's always super crowded
and noisy, and you can't walk there
without getting your feet absolutely black
(even if you're walking in knee-high boots! it's a mysterious thing...)
it's so much fun to shop there
it's so colorful and everything is so so fresh
it's one of my favorite things

\\ bow-bow-bow \\ tie \\

ray ban wayfarers, marilyn my love vintage dress,
gifted 24/7 horse belt, gifted bcbg bag, castro heels

\\ there's no place like \\ home! \\

until about a year ago
i didn't feel quite at home in my apartment
so after waiting for way (way!) too long
i decided to paint the walls and start fresh
add a personal lillou-esque touch everywhere
and make it feel like home for my love and me
as well as for my friends who come over

vintage inspired tin painting from a store in Nachlat Benyamin above our bed

\\ there once was a tree \\ update \\

my very first post was a bittersweet one
a tree that i grew up with had fallen
(almost killing me in the process!)
and there was a vacuum, some emptiness
where it used to be
but just like everything in life
things change
things die
new things grow

\\ school-girl crush \\

ray ban weyfarers, mac viva glam cindy lustre lipstic,
marilyn my love blouse, necklace made by me, perfect chic swimming pool polish,
lucky number 2 vintage golden bracelet, topshop hearts skirt,
idit vintage engagement ring and colored stones gold ring,
gifted vintage bag, zara kitten heels

\\ the silly cards section \\

last december, when i was in nyc
just before christmas
i noticed really silly cards in almost every shop, supermarket etc
so of course i had to take pictures
and of course now i have to post them
this is only the first of a series of posts
this time - silly animal cards
enjoy! :)

\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

*this book that i got for my love, in a small store in williamsburg*

\\ raise the anchor \\

cat-eye shades from ebay, ruby star sail-boat necklace,
gold colored necklace from the market, bershka top,
zara bag and skirt, gifted vintage belt, castro heels

\\ supergirl \\

they say that the eyes are a window to one's soul
windows can be dangerous - robbers can climb and break in
or you might fall through them

\\ vegeteryummy! \\

a variety of  vegan sandwiches i made

i've been a vegeterian since the age of 11
well, on and off...
in between, i also tried veganism
which for me, is the ideal thing
but there is quite a difference between the ideal and reality
so, i'm doing the only thing i can:
i'm zigzagging
and in the meanwhile
i'm cooking
doing my best to enjoy and not destroy

\\ shoes of the world, unite! \\ post # 13 \\

ray ban wayfarers, h&m tee, guy gill necklace (also seen here), 
club monaco skirt, vintage belt, rocket dog shoes (seen in their other version here)

last week, we visited Mizpe Hila, up north
in between all the trees, the dirt roads, and the pleasant breeze
i suddenly realized - it's clean
my feet weren't becoming black
there's no dust
but it's far far away. it's not home

\\ 5 \\ things that make me happy \\

*visually aesthetic food, such as yogurt with sesame candy and fresh berries. yum!*


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