\\ a kind request \\

hello to all of my lovely readers
i don't usually do this
but it's important - it's for a final project
for one of my classes in school

\\ channelling frida \\

vintage ray ban shades, h&m top (old),
h&m brooches, lucky no.2 skirt, vintage belt, castro heels

\\ mother daughter time \\

vintage ray ban shades, vintage body,
guy gil necklace, kisim bag, mac up-the-amp lipstick,
zara belt (came with shorts), studio pasha pants, renuar heels

\\ flowers and dots \\ they do \\

i'm wearing: necklace and top - asos, h&m skirt, 
vintage belt, pixel heels

jesse is wearing: ck shirt, castro pants, belt and shoes 

\\ weekend \\ i'm in love \\

even though it's only monday
it seems like it's been forever ago
but this weekend was a really fun one
although jesse wasn't home.
i had a *ton* of homework
and i met with friends from class
to work on one of our projects 
(coming soon)


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