\\ grr, baby, yeah \\

ray ban wayfarers, the underground vintage necklace,
asos top, snake ring, watch and heels, castro red-stoned ring,
urban outfitters fox and owl rings, lucky number 2 skirt, bcbg bag

at the start of a new (and sweaty) week
all i wanted to do is skip work, go to the beach,
drink something cold and alcoholic
and soak in the sun

i opted for the next best thing
(as far as i'm concerned)
which is, of course
dressing up!

 in the past couple of weeks i've been going through my closets
i'm about to have a sale with one of my best friends
i want to find new homes for things that
i either don't wear as much anymore
or that are too big (yay!)
in the meanwhile
i'll flaunt my curves
in an animalistic skirt
and an amazing corset-strapless top
that holds everything in place, just like it should


have an amazing week

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