\\ the fifties are back \\

ray ban wayfarers, mac viva glam cindy lustre lipstick,
vintage just a second silk top, necklace made by me,
vintage marilyn my love skirt, gifted vintage belt,
austin-tatious turquoise o.p.i polish, kisim cube tote bag, castro heels

 my very first photo shoot
so of course i had to go fifties (with a modern twist)
i came to the conclusion quite some time ago
that i was born in the wrong era
and also, that the casting directors of "mad men"
should cast me, asap
i also couldn't resist the colorblocking
(i love this trend, it's so happy and summery!)
or the high-high heels
(what's a girl to do)

*many thanks and even more kisses to my prince
for waking up bright and early and taking the pictures

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