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topshop dress, gifted zara jacket, 
gifted vintage purse, the underground vintage choker (seen here),
vintage belt, zara heels

 a couple of weeks ago, my friend tomer got married to didi
she's probably my oldest friend
we've known each other for about 11 or 12 years now
and even though we got disconnected for a long while
it's as though we've never lost touch 

 * tomer and didi becoming a husband and wife *

there are a lot of things in my past
i chose to leave behind
some experiences
some people
some memories
some heart aches
some regrets 

but i also chose which things to keep
i obviously tried only choosing the good things
the things that make me happy
and make me a better person 

nowadays, i'm the happiest i've ever been about who i am
it took a while
for me to embrace myself
but i got here :) 

usually i go for the goody-two-shoes (did anybody say "shoes"??!!!) look
but every once in a while
i have to let the bad-ass-rock-chick show her face
(and some skin)

i got this dress at topshop on sale 
for a ridiculously low price

this is one of my go-to outfits
when i want to dress up sexy
instead of cute 

it's still classic
but in a different way then my usual go-to looks  

as per usual - it's all about the accessories:
i kept it nice and clean
just the basics

how sweet is this beaded purse my mom gave me?
it's perfect for a dancing event;
you can hold it while dancing thanks to the long handle
and you can fit a phone, keys, chewing gum,
lipstick and a mirror inside easily 

have an amazing week
and embrace yourself too! 


3 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

קשה לעמוד בקצב הפרסומים! כרגיל את נראית מצוין. אהבתי את השרשרת והנעליים האלו הצלחה מסחררת..נשיקות בינתיים מקווה שהגרון השתפר

lillou אמר/ה...

מאיוצ'קה - תודה :)
אני נראית בדיוק ההיפך מאיך שאני מרגישה...
הנעליים האלו הן באמת אחת הרכישות הכי מוצלחות שלי
קלאסיות, נוחות (בהתחשב בגובה העקב), מתאימות ל-ה-כ-ל, משדרגות מראות פשוטים, ומקרקעות מראות מטורפים....

the purple toe אמר/ה...

השמלה מאד מאד מוצלחת עלייך
אחלה גזרה


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