\\ pick me ups \\

prada baroque-collection shades, h&m knit,
gifted vintage skirt, vintage belt from nyc,
asos choker, french connection heels from asos 

for the past couple of days i've been down with the flu
it really hit me hard
and i'm really upset that i missed school today
(yeah, i'm a geek, i know)
i really needed a good pick me up
and there i found it:

the role of pictures for this post.
we took these pics last friday
just before shabbat started
we didn't even have time to go to the street
so we took them in our living room
(a tour of the house will be posted soon!) 

i just got these shades
they were the last ones from this collection
in the store
it's like they were meant to be mine! 

and i also got my latest asos order a day before we took the pictures
how awesome are these shoes?!
they're my highest heels yet
and they are surprisingly comfy

and if that wasn't enough
i got this gorgeous choker too!
it looks pricy but it's really not 

this belt belongs to my love
(funny. i was about to type "my"
and accidentally typed "ny".
must be a freudian mistake
because indeed - i love ny!)

and now, i'm going to take a warm shower
get into bed
eat some lentil soup
let jesse spoon me
and cuddle with swarley and lola until i feel better

have a great (and flu free) weekend!

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