\\ belgian vacation perfection \\ post #1 \\

i'm wearing:
denim shirt - zara, pants - castro, flats - repetto,
shades - traction productions, flower brooches - h&m

 alma is wearing:
gifted dress, taflaya headband

all packed and ready to go!
(minus the lola)

two weeks ago we all went to belgium for eight glorious days.
we have relatives who live in the most incredible chateau in a small village.
we had yet another family reunion (the first was five years ago)
and contrary to common belief, it was really wonderful!
we ate so many baguettes with so much butter, so many croissants,
drank so so so SO much wine and had the funniest conversations.
of course, we couldn't help but check the internet for updates on israel
and we worried for our friends (and pets) here all throughout the week...
and of course, as soon as we landed, on the drive home,
there was a siren and all the cars stopped on the side of the highway
and all the people got out of the cars to lay next to them and protect themselves.
quite a welcome back, that was...
but back to belgium and our dreamy vacation

the castle is so magical - every room has a completely different design.
it's filled with artifacts that were purchased over that years in flea markets.
some rooms are modern, some have more of a vintage feel to them.
and the grounds...oh, the grounds...
i'll write more about the grounds in the upcoming posts
(i just love surprises)
but let's just say - you have what to look forward to! 

the view from the plane

alma and her ommi

fresh raspberries from the market. nom!

the view from the master bedroom.
i wouldn't mind waking up to this every morning...
photogarophy - noelle fonataine & me

wishing everyone a very *peaceful* week

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