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photo by luke brossette

the hot, steamy, soon-to-be-mama zohar from the blog little miss sunshine
wrote something yesterday on facebook
that really hit a nerve;
she wrote that someone told her that once women become moms
they should avoid wearing bikini swimsuits because bikinis are too sexy
and once you're a mom (and in some people's mind - once you're married),
you should dress more modestly.
 i think it's safe to say that if you've been reading my blog for more than a post...
you know it will be an understatement to say that 

*** i disagree ***

in fact
not only do i disagree, but - i started dressing nicer
and - heaven forefend - sexier
since jesse and i got married.
i feel like i have more of a reason to dress up now - for him,
for the blog - and mainly - for me!
dressing up is fun!!! 
it's expressive, it's creative, it's a huge part of who i am,
and i am not planning on giving up on that. 
not now, not ever.

i do have to say, that since i gave birth, 
i had some major debates 
(between me and myself, and no-one else)
regarding my wardrobe from now on.
"what kind of a mom did i want to be?"
my body has changed dramatically in the past 10 months
(10 months!!! time flies when you're having fun)
since the birth, which, i do admit, was part of the debate.
in the beginning, i just had a harder time accepting it.
but even then - i made a conscious decision to celebrate it still:
my body carried my precious baby girl for 9 months,
which was exactly what it was meant to do!
i was not going to hate it for doing just that...

and then, i managed to lose the weight.
i know there might be some women (or people) out there
who might say that i should have been happy the way i was.
but i did gain almost 30 (!) kg during my pregnancy,
so i did have a lot of weight to lose.
and even before the pregnancy, i had,
as you may remember, some issues with eating disorders.
 so i managed to lose the pregnancy weight
and get back to my pre-eating-disorder weight.
and for the first time in my adult life
i'm happy, truly truly happy, with my body!
so you can bet your bootylicious-ass that i am celebrating my body now!!!!!

*** oh, hell yeah!!! ***
*** alma is going to have a proud mama!!! ***

 which means crop tops (like here and here),
and awesome, sexy photo-shoots,
and these two pictures:

 which jesse took of me for my #100daysofhappiness
and sparked an assortment of comments.
most of them were super positive.
some were shocked that a woman dares to reveal skin on facebook
(the exact amount that's revealed when a bikini photo is posted)
and one comment even dared question my relationship with jesse - 
saying that it's rude of me to post such revealing pictures of me
as a married woman when i have a religious husband, and wondering
if he knew in advance that i was going to post the photos.
little did the commenter know at the time that jesse took the pictures,
and if you ask me - it's none of their business regardless.

and what do you think?
should married women and \ or moms cover up?
or should we celebrate our bodies, whatever shape and size they are?



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מהממת ואמיצה
חיבוק גדול

אנונימי אמר/ה...

with a body like that it's a crime to wear clothes. you're so inspiring!


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