\\ belgian vacation perfection \\ post #2 \\

shirt - castro, jeans - bevy, ears - h&m,
lipstick - satin by mac, flats - repetto

(((wearing an oversized striped tee and my favorite new jeans
with my all-time favorite most comfy flats!
and an animistic twist, but of course!)))

 during our vacation, we saw (and caressed) so many farm animals
i can hardly count!
 alma loved the farm - we are really excited about taking her again
next year, when she's be able to appreciate things more....
but even now - she was laughing and smiling at everything. 
it was absolutely adorable!


 the grounds keeper, michael, who communicated with me mainly in sign language
(he doesn't speak english, and i don't speak french) asked me if i wanted to help him
feed the chickens one day. naturally, i said "yes!".
i thought he was throwing grains on the ground.
apparently, it wasn't grains that he was throwing...
he gave me a handful of semi-dead (or as miracle max would say, mostly dead) worms.
stinky, moving, icky, worms.
bon apetite!
(of course, word got around, and five minutes later all of my family knew about this
and this was the family laugh for the rest of the rest of the week)



noelle + some of the day's fresh organic happy eggs

top - chicken's egg. bottom - peacock egg.

the chickens' coop. it has many family portraits on the walls, as you can see ;)

in hopes of good news all around



*Maja* אמר/ה...

אני לא יודעת איך להסביר אבל האימהות עושה לך טוב. היא מעניקה לך יופי בוגר, עם הליפסטיק והשיער והג'ינס. אני אוהבת מאוד את מה שאני רואה והחופשה נראית נפלאה ממש.

נשיקות ונתראה בקרוב

Nicole Hershkowicz אמר/ה...

love the post!!



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