\\ back in action \\

top - h&m, skirt - zara, floral headpiece - castro + h&m,
necklace - the underground, belt - vintage,
purse - gift from berlin, lipstick - mac in "girl about town"

alma started smiling this week!

last week carol, my mother in law, came from my beloved nyc to visit us
and meet her granddaughter for the very first time.
we spent a wonderful 10 days together
(5 of which without jesse, who was in reserves-duty:
perfect timing for her visit, as far as i'm concerned...
i wasn't alone while he was away)
we went shopping, had a nice day with my mom at the yaffo flea market,
cooked (or rather - she cooked. she left our freezer full
of YUMMY meals for us to just heat up and eat)

the pictures here were taken on our day at the flea market:
we had lunch at italkia bapishpeshim (yummy, simple, colorful food!)
visited some stores, got some unique vintage items
(carol got alma a fun gift: old printing blocks
of the 4 letters that make up her name),
 took a lot of pretty pictures, and had an amazing time :)
we then visited my grandma, and the world's most excited great grandma.
we had coffee and cakes, and alma had some stunning pictures taken of her

after a long few weeks of being home for most of the day
(except for the daily walks with alma)
in my pajamas and with absolutely no make up,
i have to say i really enjoyed (and missed) dressing up,
getting all made-up, fixing my hair in a 'do and going out!

my mom, grandma liora, or as she prefers to be called by alma - "omi" ("grandma", in german)

wise versa - a beautiful store we visited, that carries the designs of about 50 talented designers,
as well as the designs of the owner, arava.

proud grandma carol, who frankly looks like she could be alma's mom

great items at gadi's store.
top left - carol and i took out all the letters for alma's name - in any font and size we could find,
and then tried to choose which combination looks best.
bottom middle - gadi has drawers upon drawers of printing blocks. i'm planning on going back and buying more.

proud great grandma alert!

hope you have a wonderful week
and for all the students who started a new school-year today - good luck and have fun!


5 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

חברתי את נראית נפלא, הבת שלך מקסימה אבל את פשוט הורסת! אני ממש גאה בך על השיער-איפור-לבוש אם אלמה לא היתה מצולמת פה הייתי שוכחת שילדת לפני כמה שבועות גור אדם

ובנימה אופטימית זו - עוד עוד עוד!

TLV Birdie אמר/ה...

You look wonderful and so fresh! That's what they say about becoming a mom!:) Loving pishpeshuk..:)

מרג'ורי מורנינגסטאר אמר/ה...

לילו, את נראית נפלא! עדיין עם הגלואו שיש לנשים מסוימות בהיריון :-)

Lace and Chiffon - Fashion blog - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

את נראית כל כך טוב!
אלמה פשוט מהממת!
היא קופי ג'סי :)


BeautyBitch אמר/ה...

את פשוט נראית מדהים! קורנת, מאושרת, יפהפיה. ואלמה, הו! אני חייבת להגיע ולראות אותה בעיניי שלי.


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