\\ bump style \\ 37 weeks part 3 \\ maternity shoot \\

i'm wearing:
top - fix, leggings - zara, origami necklace - shlomit ofir,
ring and pendant necklace - vintage

jesse is wearing (first outfit) :
shirt - castro men, shorts - castro men

(second outfit) :
tee - t-market, shorts - castro men

this is the third and final part 
of the maternity photo-shoot we had with noa kedmi

first - some lovey-dovey ones

whoa, belly!!!

the scar from my bellybutton piercing has become my second bellybutton!

and then - some funny ones
(because we can't ever help ourselves)

and boy, had my booty grown!

happy sukkot!

תגובה 1:

TLV Birdie אמר/ה...

pics when you both are having fun are so cool!!:)
Hag sameah!:)


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