\\ bump style \\ 37 weeks part 2 \\ maternity shoot \\

i'm wearing (first outfit):
vintage ray ban shades, borrowed vintage gotex dress,
shlomit ofir necklace (seen here), naveh milo bag (seen here), 
shani bar heels

(second outfit):
zara shirt, avishag arbel jeans, gifted necklace from paris
vintage gold pendant necklace, vintage ring

jesse is wearing:
castro men shirt and shorts, sketchers sneakers,
h&m hat, castro shades, borrowed vintage bow-tie

hi guys!
so as you might remember, i started posting the maternity photos just before i gave birth
and since there are so many good pictures,
(i know. first world problems, courtesy of the gifted noa kedmi)
i decided to post them in 3 parts.
the original plan was to finish posting all three parts
before the birth, but...well...too late :)

here is part 2 for you:
a little more of the pictures from the park
(they are my favorite kind of pictures from that day)
and a few of the pictures that we took at my mom's gorgeous apartment.
(mom, thanks again for letting us use your flat for this !!
oh, and you know what else i'm thanking you for ;)....)

we love-love-love being silly

will post the third and last part really soon!
have a great week and enjoy the holidays!

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