\\ my casual boyfriend \\

i'm wearing
cacao knit, gato jeans, zara coat,
x-ray glasses, h&m necklace, castro flats, naveh milo bag

alma is wearing
carter's onesie, zara hat, golf kids socks (as mittens)

it took me a while
some good food and long walks
but i finally feel somewhat like myself again.
my style has changed a bit lately, too:
i used to like over-dressing even on the day-to-day
and now i like to keep things casual.
i got my first pair of boyfriend jeans
(which make my butt go "pow!!", if i may say so :) )
and i'm wearing them nonstop!
i used to mostly wear skirts and dresses before,
if you recall, but now not as much.
so i keep it interesting with the small details:
the necklace, the bag, my new glasses...
little twists here and there
to make it *my* outfit

it's alma's very first winter
(to be more precise, it's alma's first everything)
and so far she seems to be loving it!
she's smiling and laughing all the time,
she's trying to pull herself up and sit
she is grasping things with her little hands
and she is also learning, gradually, to sleep through the night (hurray!)

she (and i) also made new friends:
our across the hall neighbours - ofri the baby,
her mama, netaly, who became the blog's new photographer
(and a great, trusted friend)

one last thing:
two months ago i was in charge of the styling in my friend, sharon's short film.
you might remember sharon from here, here, or here, for example.
the film is called "crooked over 30"
and it is participating in the "haifa, funny, shorts" competition.
so please enter this link
and vote fore it!
thank you!!

photos by netaly lagziel

have a fun snuggly weekend


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הוכח סופית שמושלמות היא אכן גנטית

nona אמר/ה...

אוהבת מאוד את הג'ינס שלך!


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