\\ lola \\

my precious lola has recently
celebrated her fifth birthday
she is one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth
if you ask me.
she is playful, funny, friendly, lazy, adventurous, 
fat, and proud of it!

she is also an explorer, apparently :)

and she is also a song title
(i love this song - it's my alarm clock in the mornings)

no need to worry, she's just yawning

i just love that pudgy belly of hers...

her claws i like a little less
but it comes with the package, what can you do...

i love how it always looks as if she's smiling

have an awesome tuesday!
xo and meow


MissPlayground אמר/ה...

she's so pretty!

my cat's name is lolo and he is a very handsome young male! ;-)

lillou אמר/ה...

miss playground, perhaps we should hook 'em up! :)


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