\\ school stuff \\

this semester, we got a couple of video assignments
for visual communications class
the first (seen above) - 
a video that is 1 minute long max
about ourselves
(the information we give about ourselves
did not have to be real,
as you can probably gather
from hearing me blab 
about my non-existing relatives :)

btw - i'm wearing:
h&m dress, vintage belt,
asos necklace, nine west heels

the second assignment was a video
that is 1.5 minutes long max
about somebody else - 
an israeli of some sort
this video could have been made solo
or in pairs
so i did this one with my classmate and friend
nadav choresh
who is one of the funniest guys i've ever met
and apparently a great editor, too :)

have a happy monday!

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