\\ pajamas \\

 vintage ray ban shades, gifted vintage top (as seen here),
zara huge bow belt, sarah brown skirt (old)
idit rings, shani bar heels

last week
i discovered that what seemed to be a park
behind my school
is actually a huge eucalyptus grove
 with wild animals (such as the lovely heron, seen above)
and the freshest eucalyptus smell you can imagine

 so naturally, i took the pictures for the blog there
since i love the mixture of urban and natural
high and low...

what i chose to wear, seems almost like a pajama
(or a couple, mixed together) ;
between the top, which is buttoned down
with gold buttons and a black trim
and the skirt - with the repetitive print 

of course, it wasn't all pajamas - 
i added the huge bow
(you know me, i couldn't resist)
and my favorite heels
to make this look a little more wearable...

and if that wasn't enough
i even decorated a tree ;) 

pictures by ariel medina
(thank you, ariel!)

have a happy saturday

תגובה 1:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

התמונה האחרונה פשוט מתוקה! איזה שילוב מוצלח בין פאטרנים! איזה כיף שאפשר להתלבש כל כך יפה לבי"ס ולא להסתכן בכתמי אקריליק, גבס או דבק מגע!! :))


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