\\ reflections \\ 13 \\

without realizing it, 2013 is only 20-some hours away from ending.
it's probably been the most exciting, challenging and exhausting year of my life!
i started this year with a baby-shrimp in my belly
i went through a really tough couple of semesters at school
(pregnancy + fulltime school + after-school school projects + work = exhaustion galore)
i moved twice while in my third trimester
(once at week 31, from home to a sublet in tel aviv, because we decided to rennovate our home,
and once at week 38, back home)
and prepared the rennovated apartment for shrimpy
(there's nothing like scrubbing dry paint off the floors with a 9 months belly,
not that being on my hands and knees helped to induce the labor *at all* !)
i then gave birth
and thus began the most complicated and satisfying journey of my life.

4 months (which seems like 4 years) later,
i'm no longer the scared new mom i was in those terrifying first few days.
i finally am not weirded out by holding (or feeding, and of course - changing) a baby.
i have experienced more love and joy (alongside with frustration, and fatigue)
in these past four months,
than i ever imagined was possible.
my life is no longer just my own (and jesse's, of course).
the change from the pre-motherhood-me to the now-me is tremendous;
perspectives have changed dramatically
priorities will never be the same again.
my body has changed, my mind has changed
my future has changed, and my present is definitely not similar to my past,
not even in the slightest.
i'm learning to experience the world, through a fresh and gorgeous set of eyes.
i've met new friends, and said goodbye to some.
i've set the path to a possible renewing of a long lost relationship.
i've slowed down, for the first time in my adult life
(and i'm trying to really be ok with it)

so what could i possibly wish for myself (and for you), for next year?
let our happiness, health and love be the rule
and not the exception to the rule.
let this year be full of joyus surprises
and strengthening challenges
let there be many more firsts
and not too many lasts

the most gorgeous set of eyes i have ever drowned in
make your wishes come true in 2014!

photos by tomer blank hefetz (thank you, bubik!)


lillou אמר/ה...

don't forget that the precious baby belong to me too. omi

*Maja* אמר/ה...

אי אפשר להתבלבל לילו היא דומה לך כמו שתי טיפות מים. והפוסט מקסים ומרגש. לא יאומר שכבר ינואר - עוד חודש החיבוק מגיע. נשיקות וגעגוע


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