\\ bump style \\ 37 weeks part 1 \\ maternity shoot \\

i'm wearing:
vintage ray ban shades, borrowed vintage gotex dress,
shlomit ofir necklace (seen here), naveh milo bag (seen here), 
shani bar heels

jesse is wearing:
castro men shirt and shorts, sketchers sneakers,
h&m hat, castro shades, borrowed vintage bow-tie

as promised - the long awaited (well, at least long awaited by me) maternity photos
taken by the oh-so talented noa kedmi.
(visit the links i posted just here - she has such lovely pictures!)

noa took us to the edith wolfson park in my hometown.
in the park, there are cool statues by dani karavan,
an important israeli artist.
they made a really perfect background
for our shoot

could you believe i managed to get jesse to wear a bow tie for this shoot?
it only happened once before
(i couldn't even get him to wear one for our wedding!)

in all truth, jesse was a real sport
about this whole thing.
he was really sweet and cooperative,
and he was...well, he was just jesse.
which is the best thing i could ever ask for :)

and noa was amazing!
we "met" online a while back,
and when the time for the maternity shoot came,
i had a feeling we would choose her.
we met (for real) on the day of the shoot
and instantly clicked
(no pun intended).
she made us feel really comfortable
and we had a really great (and funny) time
(she too says she didn't want the shoot to end)

i'll post the second part soon!
hopefully, by then, there will be a shrimp in my arms!
(week 40 is here...!)

4 תגובות:

photo.fashion.passion - בלוג אופנה ישראלי אמר/ה...

מקסימים! שתהיה לידה קלה ובריאה.

Hug אמר/ה...

beautiful <3

נגה אמר/ה...

וואו לילו אילו צילומים מרהיבים! אתם כל כך יפים ביחד, והצילומים נראים כמו מתוך סרט ישן. רואים כמה אתם אוהבים וזה כל כך יפה ומעורר השראה. בהצלחה עם שרימפית!!

Danitslove אמר/ה...

Love the style! Amazing photos!!! :)


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