\\ friday morning \\

our friday morning routine...sort of:

the swarlola are enjoying a made bed
(a moment after this picture was taken,
swarley jumped at lola and all hell broke loose)

jesse performing his daily prayers,
wearing teffilin
and a talith (a prayer shawl - which i got him for our wedding)

cooking yumminess for the weekend.
on the menu;
mazzo-ball veggie soup
vegetarian shepherds' pie
kohlrabi salad (extra garlicky)
market veggie salad
ben & jerry's ice cream

lola got back to her spot on the bed 

while swarley sun-bathed in the living room

mazzo-balls are cooking 

my new hair!
credit goes to the very talented asaf tzabari
(who also gave me this hair cut
and this hair do for when i said "i do")

meow and a happy weekend :)

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מתה על שני היצורים האלה שלך!
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מחכה לפגישה הבאה שלנו!!!


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