\\ bump style \\ 14 weeks \\

vintage ray ban shades, roni kantor dress (seen here)
gifted zara jacket, vintage belt, renuar sandals, laka manicure 


well it's about time my belly came out!!
i've been waiting for a few looooong weeks...

shhh! shrimpy is sleeping...

i'm happy to say
the nausea seems to have passed almost entirely
which means i'm finally in the mood
to dress up!
so i should be posting more outfit posts :)

this specific outfit (well, with different sandals)
was the outfit i wore
the first time i ever met jesse
at his sister's birthday lunch.
little did i know, i was going to be married to him
a year later...
(or have his baby. oh my god, i can't believe we're having a baby!!!)

this week, my stepsister and her husband were in israel
and i hung out with them quite a lot
we went to the dead sea
ate a lot
and compared pregnancy stories!
her baby (aka piu-piu) is kicking quite a lot
which is a weire and exhilarating feeling. i can't wait!) 
(she's 27 weeks pregnant
which means my stepdad and my mom
are going to become grandparents twice this year!!)

mama-bear hugs

last week, i finally met the lovely maayan
on her short visit back home
we had a really nice date
had lunch at piazza
and (window) shopped quite a bit
i'm really glad we finally got to meet!


have a great week

3 תגובות:

LookinFab אמר/ה...

את נראית מקסים!!! אווטפיט מושלם לפגישה ראשונה :)

*Maja* אמר/ה...

אהה איפה להתחיל!!
התחפושת שלך היתה מושלמת ועכשיו סוףסוף אני רואה את הבטן!

ולגבי הפגישה עם מעין איזה כיף לכן, ממש מקנאה קצת :)

את נראית מקסים וזה נורא חמוד שזו השמלה שאיתה הכרת את ג'סי. נשיקות אהובה

Clothes on Trees אמר/ה...

oh so cute!


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