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hello everyone
i am finally on my winter break!
so far, i have managed to clean our apartment like a maniac
with the help of my lovely mom (thank you mom, you know what for!)
work at the shop where i work throughout the school year
munch on a lot of unhealthy snacks (that's PMS for ya)
and not vacation or rest too much...
but enough complaining!
the pictures you see here are of my final project
for my illustration course this semester 

the assignment we got was to choose 4 professions
out of a list we got
and illustrate them in whatever technique we wanted
just as long as they remain a series, and the size of the print was supposed to be A4.
after a lot of hard thinking
(and some head-to-wall banging)
i chose to go with my very first idea:
to have do my take on the professions, in the stone-age era
with some lovely cavemen and cavewomen :)

i chose to experiment with a technique that was new to me;
plasticine (soft clay)
and i have to say - i both really enjoyed
and didn't think i'll finish in time. or at all.
but i did! in time! yay!
the finished product wasn't the clay figures, but the photos.
at this point, i asked my dear dear friend and former classmate, ariel medina
(whom you might remember from a few past posts -1,2,3,4,5)
to share his talent and help me
and indeed - the whole is (way) greater than the sum of it's parts!
i absolutely love the outcome
and i got some pretty awesome reviews on this project

 so the professions i chose were (top to bottom) :
high-tech guy

do you like this project?
have a great weekend!


4 תגובות:

LookinFab אמר/ה...

וואו!! עבודה מדהימה! איזה כיף לשרימפ שלך שתהיה לו אמא כל כך מוכשרת :)

*Maja* אמר/ה...

הורס הורס הורס!

כל הכבוד מותק זה ממש מקסים! שבת שלום אהובה

OceanWind אמר/ה...

כל פעם שאני רואה עוד פרויקט מגניב מבית לילו אני נתקפת קנאה.
כל הכבוד!

שבוע טוב

נגה אמר/ה...

וואו לילו זה פשוט מדהים!!
את כל כך כשרונית, איזה רעיונות מקסימים, וביצוע פשוט יוצא מן הכלל!

תמשיכי לשתף אותנו בדברים יפים שאת עושה...


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