\\ thezigzaggirl meets theleopardlegs \\

last week i had the pleasure of being interviewed
by the lovely morgane from the blog
we haven't met each other in person
but we are going to correct that wrong soon enough!

morgane published the interview post
and she added this sweet illustration of me
it's the first time anyone has ever illustrated me
and i'm really truly honored :)

i think it captured my spirit perfectly :)

here is the link to the post
where i tell a bit more about myself
than i usually do here

i hope you enjoy it!

have a happy monday


5 תגובות:

*Maja* אמר/ה...

מזל שיש את מורגן, אז אני קצת רואה אותך. את מקסימה והתגעגעתי :)

lillou אמר/ה...

מאיוש :) התגעגעתי גם
מחר אלהג בבלוג על פגישתנו :)

Morgane LeopardLegs אמר/ה...

We so need to meet! :)
I'm glad you like the illustration! And I love how you're always smiling on your photos!
Bisou ma chérie


Natalia אמר/ה...

Congratulations! The illustration is really beautiful! I very much like your haircut and also your style :)

lillou אמר/ה...

natalia - thank you :)
i really like your blog!


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