\\ a highly unlikely date \\

i'm wearing:
zara jacket, h&m brooches and rings, keren gross top,
gifted vintage purse, pasha trousers, topshop flats

maya is wearing:
dress from a small store in paris, vest that her grandma knitted by hand,
primark stalkings, couple of boots,
bag from jerusalem, vintage jewelry, dior shades

a couple of weeks ago
the lovely maya from highly unlikely
and i, finally got to meet each other
after planning to do so
for months already

we had breakfast together
and then had a joined photo-shoot
in a small park next to my house

we just loved the old green water fountain
and all the green that surrounded the park

mayush, i hope we can do this again soon!

have a happy tuesday!


5 תגובות:

Morgane LeopardLegs אמר/ה...

I am so jealous! :)
I can't wait to eventually meet you (Hope it wont take us month tho...) And would love to meet Maya as well!

Morgane from The LeopardLegs

sefi אמר/ה...

אתן נורא חמודות :)

*Maja* אמר/ה...

חי חי! איזה פוסט מדליק!

נראה לי שאנחנו מוכנות לדייט שני של דרינק, אני אחרת לגמרי בלילה, גררר

נשיקות יקירה

Natalia אמר/ה...

You two look great, I like the pink necklace you're wearing and Maya's blue tights!

Dror אמר/ה...

מקסימות שתיכם!


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