\\ shady shade shade \\

i'm short sighted, and i like to play dress up
(as you may know by now)
which can only lead to one thing...
i have quite a collection of glasses and sunglasses
glasses (and shades) both frame your face and separate you from the world
which sometimes is great
and other times - not so much
but i like to make the best out of things
so i try to have fun with it
you need shades even more
(here are just a selected few)

cat eye shades from ebay 

 burberry shades with a white edge (as seen here)

gifted vintage ray ban wayfarers i got from my dad
these are my faves (and they have prescription lances
so they're my go to sunnies)

h&m polka dot cat eye shades i got from my sis-in-law
who i miss so much
she introduced (unintentionally, but still) jesse and me
and she's the best dresser i know
and an awesome person in any way shape and form

(funny face)

gifted vintage ysl's i got from my mom
she used to wear them back in the hippie 70's
i haven't worn them in ages!

shades i got at the tel aviv hacarmel market
for about 7$
i like the detailing on them 

vintage shades i got at wonder woman
i used to wear them all the time

extreme cat eye shades i got on ebay
(as seen here and here
they're a (much, much!) cheaper copy of alexander wang's shades
(as seen here on freja beha erichsen - in the middle)

80's neon shades i got at wonder woman
they're sort of like a mullet (only, in a good way!) ;
business on the front

party on the sides 

so tell me - which ones do you like the most?


4 תגובות:

FicusTree אמר/ה...

Oh, the white ones!

Michal מיכל אמר/ה...

Oh god. I only own one pair of sunglasses which cost me like... too many Shekels.
I like the first pair and the polka dot ones :)

*Maja* אמר/ה...

אווו אהבתי את ה"איב סן לורן" של אמא
יוחזרו לאלתר!


אנונימי אמר/ה...

את מהממת, הבלוג מהמם, המשקפיים מהממים והכי - הייתי רוצה לצאת איתך למסע שופינג מטורף בחנויות יד שניה, שאיכשהו נראה לי, שאת לבטח תצדיקי את נוכחותך שם! פשוט מדהים ויפה ואסתטי, הכל.


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